Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shorty gets upgraded

My main pedicab has been seeing lots of action and improvements lately.

New tires - 3 Primo 20 x 2.1"

New seat - Serfas gel suspension seat

New lights - 2 Serfas USLR-R USB taillights
- 1 Serfas USL-5 Raider USB Headlight

New sound system - Gigaware portable docking station

New water bottle - BPA free, with Cycle Path Logo

New bell - identical to the previous one that lost its guts.

New light bar - one with red & white alternating

New brake pads - front & rear

New inner tubes - front & outrigger

Also added:

A wheelset from a girls Huffy coaster bike that was already painted white

Coroplast fin covering the outrigger wheel for safety and advertising space

Speedometer for tracking mileage, which ranges from 7-16 miles per night

Canvas wrap over pipe insulation on backrest for a more finished look

A makeshift turn signaling device set up under the driver seat using a taillight that illuminates bottom to top in 3 stages and can be rotated to make the series of lights point either left or right

Other maintenance:

Re-painted the third wheel in white

Greased bottom bracket

Greased hubs on the newly added Huffy wheels

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