Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Festival Season

 Howdy-ho BBI fans! How's business been lately, you ask? I'd say it's doing splendidly. I've just passed the $2,000 mark in earnings for this year, and have been setting records here and there for most earnings in a single night ($183 on Mom's weekend) and most earnings for a three-day weekend period ($345 on Mom's weekend and then $347 this weekend at Palmer Fest.)

I also have been appreciating what a formidable reputation I've made among the OU student body. I get more people calling me by name all the time, more great regular customers, hear myself being mentioned on OU Crushes, have been recorded for Vine and Snapchat, and get lots of gratitude from people who have seen me working or have ridden on the pedicab before. Thanks everyone for sharing the joy of human-powered transportation with me and your friends!

 Here are some pics of Palmer Fest. Thanks Sarah Tilotta for taking the first pic for me!

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