Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beginning of Fall Semester

Now the doldrums of summer have been swept away by a flood of fresh bodies filling the sidewalks  and spilling into the roadways of uptown Athens after midnight. Bikes Bring It is working to meet the demand of an ever-larger student population by putting more pedicabs on the streets during the hours that you need them most. Currently there are 3 sidecars in the BBI fleet, and we are now seeking to hire more drivers to keep these bikes working and serving the public. I hope to expand our hours of operation and make rides available from 9pm to 3am on Thursday through Saturday, but not until there are enough operators in action. Contact me at if you are interested in this fun and challenging position!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Epic Summer Recap

That sure was a lightning-fast summer, wasn't it? I had a good time out at Wisteria attending the Summer Solstice and Starwood festivals. A new pedicab was finished for each of those events and tested out during the week-long Pagan party scenes. I refer you to these photos for edification:
The Rasta Buggy, a 3-seater sidecar with 24" wheels all around and the first design to incorporate a hand-crank for auxiliary power input by the outermost passenger.

The Skycar, a 2-seater sidecar with 20" wheels and another hand-crank, although admittedly not as effective due to its aft position. This one, however, is by far the lightest sidecar construction as of yet.

By the grace of Wisteria's non-existent clothing policy I also have some pictures of two lovely naked women on the Bumblebee Bike, but of course I'm not allowed to post things like that here. Use your imagination, I guess.

Another event that BBI made an appearance at was the annual Boogie On The Bricks, which is Athens' only street festival where you get to drink beer and dance on Court St. to your heart's content. It's always a good time, and I even had one of the performers on slide whistle at the Washington Street intersection spontaneously incorporate me and the Skycar into their gypsy music act. It was great!

Good turnout for this event!
 I won't lie, I did get a little fuzzy.
That's my good friend Rachel from Elemental Groove Theory rockin' out.

 Also, Bikes Bring It held a Grand Opening Party in conjunction with my birthday celebration, which not only provided an impetus to clean up my garage and workshop, it also made for a good time with a whole weekend of visiting friends, music, and rock climbing.