Friday, July 19, 2013

Bikes at the Starwood Festival

Starwood is another festival held at Wisteria down in Meigs county, only about 25 miles from my house. I took advantage of the proximity and packed two trips. One for the tents and bikes, and another for all my accoutrements and some more bikes.

I was there with some new bike innovations I had been working on (see to either sell or rent, or at the very least just to inspire and spread joy. These four new bikes were completed in about 6 days just before the week-long festival began.

And of course, I had the ever-dependable Rasta Buggy out (after the rains dried a little) to cart people (sometimes things) around and make a few tips.

I had a super stellar time at Starwood. This festival is dripping with pure awesome sauce. If you need some reassurance of that fact, check out the bonfire:

Coming home, I somehow managed to pack it all into one trip. My purchases from vendors at the fest include 2 new sarongs, a really inexpensive pair of brown leather pants, 3 old hats, and a grey short-pile tight-fitting fur vest.