Friday, February 1, 2013


Ahoy thar lead lubbers! Yer Cap'm here is lookin' forward to another exciting season of human-powered deliveries. Cold though it may be, operations are currently underway and looking ship-shape. The Cap'm would like to remind you that with snow and ice on the deck, a pair of sea legs can be treacherous, but a trio of tires will be smooth sailing. In other news...

The video log from last October has been put by the wayside. I like being able to post video logs and hope to do more of them in 2013, but they are tricky to film and time-consuming to put together. Lighting the subjects (you guys) is the hardest part, and so I've got plenty of footage with nothing but darkness and assorted noise. (maybe I could make an audio podcast, but it would probably be lame) Anyhow, for these reasons I haven't gotten around to completing the last video log.

As an alternative, however, I do plan to start producing slice of life comics based on events that occur during my adventures as a pedicab operator. (Bike Man: the Anachronous Chronicles is my other comic project, but it's more of a historical fiction sci-fi steampunk graphic novel that also tends to fall by the wayside because it demands more time in order for it to become what I want it to be) Anyhow, the new series is simply called "Bikes Bring It Illustrated" or BBII for short. I will take my favorite memorable moment from each night and create a 1-page comic of what transpired. Comics will be posted to this blog- just click "BBI Illustrated" up on the header or follow this link: BBII . Producing BBII takes a lot less time and tech so I hope to stick with it throughout the year. The stories write themselves, and I'll keep my drawing skills in use so that I have better output by the time I complete the narrative for "Bike Man".

Cabs are still available for rent, although the Rasta Buggy is out of commission at the moment. When I have enough to buy a quality wheelset it will be back in business.

On the manufacturing end, I'm currently working on a new produce cart. Once the Upcycle page gets updated I'll point it out to y'all. After that project is finished I would like to build some more 20" sidecars this year.

As we prepare to disembark from this particular blog post, the Cap'm would like to thank all of his lively, brave, and wonderful passengers who have come aboard so far this year! Drink hearty, mateys!

Thanks for tuning in to the Bikes Bring It blog! See you out in the streets.