Saturday, September 20, 2014

Spring to Fall 2014

Lots of bike stuff has been happening! Here's a bunch of words and pictures:

 In March my mate and I traveled to Columbus for Oh!o Oh!o, which was a regional planning meeting for Bike!Bike!, an international conference for bike collectives and community bike projects. We checked out the clubhouse where the Righteous Mothers build their tallbikes and I decided to plan on leading a workshop there on how to build a cargo sidecar.
Bike people looking at bike things in a bike place

In April I entered one of my pedicabs into a competition by ReUse Industries for items recycled into either functional or artistic pieces. The Widecar Junior won 2nd place in its category!
The Widecar Junior at the Reuse Competition

Between April and June I made a new pedicab. This was intended to be a easy to rent, lightweight 2-passenger sidecar that would be stable and easy to handle. The 20" workhorse is a beach cruiser with extended back and front end. The steering geometry was customized for better sidecar physics compared to a standard bicycle fork that has more trail. It was named The Blue Dwarf.
Mostly fabricated in April
The Blue Dwarf on its inaugural night in June

I also learned how to sew this year with a handed down Singer Rocketeer. I made some costumes and hats to wear pedicabbing. The sewing machine also comes in handy for tailoring seat cushions for my bikes.
Robin Hood costume worn pedicabbing the Rasta Buggy
Bowling-style shirt

Marching band style hat

Woodsman style hat
On the new sidecar with my yellow marching hat

Gettin hugs with my yellow bowling shirt

 I got my first tandem in May and ride it with my mate which is pretty awesome.


This year once again I biked to the Nelsonville Music Festival and provided pedicab service outside the festival area among the parking lots, campgrounds, and sometimes the Nelsonville area. Dan contracted a rental bike for the first time and rode the Widecar Junior.
Dan and I in the bike area outside the gate
Trailer on the Rasta Buggy traveling the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway
Best campsite of the whole Fest

Bikes Bring It was contracted in June to provide service to the Perry County Art Walk. Dan and I traveled to Somerset, home of the oldest Catholic church in Ohio and we rode folks on the Rasta Buggy and the Blue Dwarf, although the Rasta Buggy was starting to have serious hub problems that I had to fix with some washers from the hardware store on the square. The mayor who found me through the Paw Paw Festival last year was very gracious in hosting us for his event.
Dan pedaling some Art Walk appreciators

We brought the Blue Dwarf, a commissioned woodbarrow, and some other bikes to Summer Solstice at Wisteria for general good times and a few tips.
Festy buggy!

The Bikes Bring It tent

A chalice of wine by the emerald tent

Squiddy, a new friend I had on my seat
The rest of the Summer I was working my other trade, carpentry, which involved doing an addition on a house from start to finish on my own.
Before, in July

After, August

Just two weeks before my 30th birthday I got a bike tread tattoo on my arm that I have been considering for a long time.
Showing off the new tat with my custom-tailored sleeveless business shirt

Then, as we geared up for Bike!Bike! 2014, I finished the frame redesign on the Bumblebee to sell it to an interested buyer in Oxford, Ohio. Columbus would be our meeting point to make the transaction, and then Bike!Bike! had a huge critical mass ride and I did that cargo sidecar workshop I had wanted to do.
The bicycle formerly known as the Bumblebee at Third Hand Bike Co-op

A test ride with me on the backseat

Riding the wheelie on my mini chopper during Critical Mass
Critical Mass, right before the cops showed up
The cargo sidecar in progress

Just add shopping cart basket
And it's done!

Ridden the next day to a protest Wendys for Fair Food
Can also be used as a place to eat food if necessary

In September I got back to pedicabbing Athens after a summer hiatus.
Wearing my new MOLLE utility belt outside Obetty's

Stylin' at BP
The Paw Paw Fest had the Blue Dwarf out at Lake Snowden this year, where I made just over my vendor and beer expenses for the weekend.
I didn't take any pictures at the Paw Paw Fest other than this one

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Grab Bag of Updates for 2014

Bikes Bring It has been serving Athens for five years! And what's more, I decided to finish some projects that had been sitting in files for a while (both digital AND analog).  I now present to you subjectively new editions of both the Bikes Bring It Video Log and Bikes Bring It Illustrated! Plus an inside look at the six million dollar rebuilding of an honored sidecar in the BBI fleet.

Submitted for your viewing ensconcement, the tale of two separate encounters on the exact same night in which unwitting members of the populace come ass to seat with possibly the most infamous sidecar chariot-of-fire this side of the splashy ocean-thing: The Rasta Buggy!

 And now, hot off the scanning bed, a new installment of everyone's favorite comic strip featuring the coyote cabbie! This time he's toying with some innocent pups and taking them up to top speed on mighty roller-coaster Mill Street hill.

 Next I'd like to invite you to search your memory banks for a bike that was once called the Bumblebee. I have included an image in the case that no matches are currently found in your memory files.
Note the mini-me in this picture standing on the brand new Bumblebee sidecar. Also note that the origin of the mini-me and its current whereabouts are of no importance whatsoever. The real point is that the Bumblebee used to be a wide but short little people-carrying tricycle. It performed like a real trooper, but after 2 years it was starting to look like an old soldier. 

So, I began experimenting with a new type of genetic mutation in sidecar cyclecraft, the result of which is something more akin to a mantis or a grasshopper... I'm not entirely sure, bicycle anatomy is at times difficult to anthropomorphize.  The position of the three wheels, instead of being short and wide have now become narrower and longer to accommodate a different seating arrangement. Now it has a double bench seat in the back and a single seat next to the pilot reserved for those who call shotgun first. Now 3 passengers won't be quite as cramped on this rig and it can fit through bottlenecks like never before.
 As it still remains a little cold out, this little bug, whatever it is...won't be hatching from its egg just yet. It needs the temperatures to be a bit warmer in order to grow its new green skin out. But pretty soon you might be seeing this old friend riding your streets in a completely new form.

Other News... Pedicab season has begun for 2014! Regular days/hours of operation are currently being observed for the most part. Look to my Twitter feed for updates.