Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Grab Bag of Updates for 2014

Bikes Bring It has been serving Athens for five years! And what's more, I decided to finish some projects that had been sitting in files for a while (both digital AND analog).  I now present to you subjectively new editions of both the Bikes Bring It Video Log and Bikes Bring It Illustrated! Plus an inside look at the six million dollar rebuilding of an honored sidecar in the BBI fleet.

Submitted for your viewing ensconcement, the tale of two separate encounters on the exact same night in which unwitting members of the populace come ass to seat with possibly the most infamous sidecar chariot-of-fire this side of the splashy ocean-thing: The Rasta Buggy!

 And now, hot off the scanning bed, a new installment of everyone's favorite comic strip featuring the coyote cabbie! This time he's toying with some innocent pups and taking them up to top speed on mighty roller-coaster Mill Street hill.

 Next I'd like to invite you to search your memory banks for a bike that was once called the Bumblebee. I have included an image in the case that no matches are currently found in your memory files.
Note the mini-me in this picture standing on the brand new Bumblebee sidecar. Also note that the origin of the mini-me and its current whereabouts are of no importance whatsoever. The real point is that the Bumblebee used to be a wide but short little people-carrying tricycle. It performed like a real trooper, but after 2 years it was starting to look like an old soldier. 

So, I began experimenting with a new type of genetic mutation in sidecar cyclecraft, the result of which is something more akin to a mantis or a grasshopper... I'm not entirely sure, bicycle anatomy is at times difficult to anthropomorphize.  The position of the three wheels, instead of being short and wide have now become narrower and longer to accommodate a different seating arrangement. Now it has a double bench seat in the back and a single seat next to the pilot reserved for those who call shotgun first. Now 3 passengers won't be quite as cramped on this rig and it can fit through bottlenecks like never before.
 As it still remains a little cold out, this little bug, whatever it is...won't be hatching from its egg just yet. It needs the temperatures to be a bit warmer in order to grow its new green skin out. But pretty soon you might be seeing this old friend riding your streets in a completely new form.

Other News... Pedicab season has begun for 2014! Regular days/hours of operation are currently being observed for the most part. Look to my Twitter feed for updates.